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 Levels of radiation rise innocently above the aircraft.  At night   children can still be heard  in the dark streets and from opposing windows.  There is traffic/ the hum of the refrigerator motor.  Another car. Then all quiet.  One street lamp from kitchen window.  Three children asleep in front of the television.  Screams. Cars. E. 8th Street through vacant lot.  Through the window gate. Vacant  building.     Dog man inside with dogs.  Wakes in morning   hangs out socks,  and other washing to dry.   One Crash.  Another building falls apart or a car drives over metal.     Motorcycle. Outside. Inside.   Books.  Newspapers beer bottles hammer   clutters table and glue.  Defiant silence of car horns  and indefinable music from indefinable window.  Thoughts cleared runs bathwater.  It's stupid war getting stupid again.     Sally Young  1984  and lived at  633 E. 6th Street 2nd Fl NYC NY 10009  Edited 2013
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